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The work we do is a highly guarded secret, but our status as an employer of choice is becoming increasingly well known. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, we are pleased to offer a dynamic workplace with a difference.

A modern work environment

Our bright, modern workspaces are well equipped, ensuring that employees have the resources and tools they need to succeed. Our offices are centrally located and feature nearby access to public transit, restaurants, shops and other amenities.

Ottawa headquarters: Our main office is located in a soaring office tower in the heart of downtown Ottawa. The striking views from our employee lounge include Parliament's Peace Tower and the Ottawa River, with the rolling hills of Gatineau Park in the distance. Approximately 85% of our employees work in the main office, providing greater opportunities for face-to-face communication and collaboration. Our regional colleagues join in too, with the help of state-of-the-art video conferencing technology.

Regional offices: Our three regional offices are located in vibrant, downtown communities in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. We selected locations in three of Canada's major financial centres to facilitate our work with reporting entities across the country. Each office has between 10 and 20 employees, all dedicated to the success of our Compliance Program. When these colleagues are offsite conducting assessments, we equip them with innovative tools that help them stay in touch and complete their work effectively.

A place where values matter

The sensitive nature of our mandate demands the highest ethical standards. Our ethical culture is shaped by our collective values and behaviours.

FINTRAC values: Adherence to our Code of Conduct, Values and Ethics is an ongoing condition of employment. The Code is based on five core values, which we share with our federal public service colleagues: Respect for Democracy, Respect for People, Integrity, Stewardship and Excellence. These values guide our decisions and actions, ensuring that at all times we serve the public interest and maintain Canadians' trust.

Diversity and inclusion: Diversity is one of Canada's greatest strengths, and we are committed to celebrating and capitalizing on the richness of our differences. We strive to ensure our workforce is reflective of Canadian society, and to enable employees to maximize their unique contributions in an environment that is open and welcoming. Diversity is a fact, inclusion is our choice.

Bilingualism: Canada's linguistic duality is an example to the world. As public servants, we are pleased to offer services in both English and French, and to maintain a work environment conducive to the effective use of both official languages. Approximately 60% of our positions are bilingual, and we are pleased to offer programs that enable interested employees to develop their second language skills. In addition, our employees collectively boast capacity in more than 30 other languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Cantonese and Russian. Our strong bilingual capacity helps us interact more effectively with a broad range of partners, both nationally and internationally.

A family

Ask any current or former employee what it's like to work at FINTRAC, and they will tell you—it's like a family. We're a small organization, so it is easy to get to know your new colleagues, both within your team and across the organization. Love to sing? Join our choir! Sports enthusiast? Take your shot in the hockey or golf tournaments! Like to cook—or eat? Contribute to the annual multicultural food sampler or a bake sale! Looking for more ways to connect?  Join the social committee or one of our community-focused initiatives.

Social committee: We have an active social committee that plans events and activities throughout the year, including the annual picnic and holiday party. New members and fresh ideas are always welcome!

Community involvement: Our employees and students have a proud history of giving through the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, both through online pledging and by planning and participating in a variety of special events and activities. Our choir raises donations for local charities, and volunteerism is encouraged as a team-building activity. By volunteering our time and talents, we give back to the communities we serve.

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