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Pay, benefits and advantages

Our business is all about the money, but as an employer, we are all about our people. Our employees are our most valuable resource, and we are fully invested in their success.

Pay and benefits

We offer an attractive compensation package, with competitive salaries and flexible benefits to meet the diverse needs of employees.

Salaries and performance pay: For up-to-date salary range information, please consult our current career opportunities. Most employees also have an opportunity to earn performance pay, and we are pleased to offer formal, instant and long service awards to recognize exceptional performance and enduring contributions to FINTRAC and the federal public service.

Vacation and other leave: New employees earn up to 15 days of paid vacation leave upon joining the organization, which increases to 20 days after eight years of service and continues to increase based on the number of years of service. Employees also earn paid sick leave up to 15 days per year, and have access to up to two days of personal leave, and five days of leave to attend to family-related responsibilities. In addition, there are various other types of paid and unpaid leave available for special occasions and life events. For example, we offer generous top-up allowances for maternity and paternity leave.

Health, dental and other insurance plans: Employees and their families are eligible for health, dental, life and disability insurance coverage. Health care coverage is designed to supplement provincial plans and includes prescription drugs, vision care, paramedical practitioners and hospitalization. For more information, please visit the public service group insurance benefit plans website.

Pension plan: The public service pension plan is a fully indexed, defined benefit plan designed to provide employees with a lifetime income after retirement. Survivors and children may also be eligible for benefits under the plan, and employees with an existing pension plan from their previous employer may be able to transfer their accrued benefits. For more information, please visit the public service pension plan website.

Work-life balance

The physical and psychological well-being of our employees is a top priority. We recognize that employees have families and interests outside of work, and we are pleased to offer a variety of programs to assist them in achieving a healthy balance.

Alternative work arrangements: Options such as flexible work hours, compressed work weeks, and leave with income averaging may be available, subject to organizational need.

Healthy lifestyle: Employees are eligible for discounted fitness club memberships, and the discount is extended to spouses and partners.

Additional support: We have an Employee Assistance Program, which offers confidential counselling and information services free of charge to employees and their families to help manage a variety of personal and work-related challenges and concerns.

Professional development

We pride ourselves on being a learning organization. Employees have an individualized learning plan, and are encouraged to participate in internal and external courses and activities to develop their knowledge and skills or to broaden their perspectives.

Internal training and learning: Our business is unique and we have developed a broad range of innovative and interactive programs and initiatives to keep our employees on the cutting edge. Examples include:

Canada School of Public Service: Our employees have access to the full spectrum of resources offered by the government's premiere learning provider, including online and in-class courses, events, seminars, and videos. These resources touch on subjects of general interest, as well as the unique needs of learning communities such as supervisors, managers, and functional specialists in areas such as communications, finance, human resources, information management, information technology, policy and security. The online gateway can be accessed at any time, from anywhere for convenient, on demand learning.

Career advancement: We are committed to fairness and transparency in our hiring practices and processes. We also value diversity and strive to ensure that our workforce is representative of the Canadians we serve. Employees are encouraged to pursue horizontal and vertical moves within the organization to broaden their experience, develop their skills and reach their full career potential.

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