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Types of careers

We recruit and manage our talent strategically to maximize the value of their specialized knowledge and expertise. We are pleased to offer challenging and rewarding careers in a variety of fields.

Regulatory compliance

Through our robust Compliance Program, which includes elements such as outreach, assessments, and enforcement, we ensure that reporting entities subject to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act fulfill their obligations. We take a risk-based approach, assessing compliance holistically and seeking to empower reporting entities to become fully engaged in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Types of careers:

Financial intelligence

When legislative thresholds are met, we disclose actionable financial intelligence to authorized law enforcement and national security partners to support their investigations and prosecutions of money laundering and terrorist financing offences, as well as threats to the security of Canada. We describe our intelligence as “actionable” because it can be used by our partners to refine the scope of their cases, shift their sights to new or different targets, and identify assets for seizure and forfeiture.

Our strategic financial intelligence assists these and other partners in understanding and addressing priorities such as organized crime, foreign terrorist fighters, and professional money launderers. We also conduct cutting-edge research to inform policy leaders and decision makers about the opportunities and impacts of emerging trends, such as virtual currencies and other FINTECHs.

Types of careers:

Policy development and international relations

In collaboration with the Department of Finance and other partners, we provide advice and guidance on legislative and regulatory changes designed to strengthen Canada's Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Regime. We also develop and interpret internal policies to ensure that we exercise our authorities in a manner that is effective, efficient and consistent.

Given the transnational nature of crime and terrorism, effective international cooperation is essential to disrupting their operations. We have signed more than 100 memoranda of understanding enabling us to share information with trusted financial intelligence units across the world, and working closely with partners in the Egmont Group, the Financial Action Task Force and the Five Eyes, we look for ways to advance the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Types of careers:

Information and technology

Reporting entities submit more than 20 million financial transaction reports to us each year, which are kept in our database for a period of ten years if they meet the requirements of our legislation. To generate actionable and timely financial intelligence, we have made significant investments in our analytical systems and tools. We have also developed sophisticated systems and tools to support our compliance mandate, streamlining processes for compliance officers and reporting entities.

The protection of Canadians' personal information is of the utmost importance, and when we exchange sensitive intelligence information with our law enforcement and national security partners, it must also be secured. Our premises and information systems are guarded by multilayered and integrated security systems, which are constantly being monitoring and enhanced. Whether it's protecting what we have today or predicting what we might need in the future, we rely on our information management and information technology professionals to keep us on the vanguard of innovation.

Types of careers:

Corporate excellence

Our communications, corporate planning, finance, human resources, security and administrative professionals provide essential expertise and services to support our operations. Our corporate colleagues are seen as true business partners, and their contributions are highly valued across the organization.

Types of careers:

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