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FINTRAC's financial intelligence disclosures

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FINTRAC disclosures:
Results through financial intelligence

2,292 unique financial intelligence disclosures in 2021–22

More than 6 disclosures per day

Financial intelligence disclosures often contain hundreds or even thousands of financial transaction reports in each package

Disclosure Packages by Province/Territory: 2021–22

Map of Canada with stats

View the text equivalent Disclosure Packages by Province/Territory: 2021–22
Disclosure Packages by Province/Territory: 2021–22
Ontario (including several national headquarters)
National headquarters – 2,072
Ontario – 2,801
Quebec 468
British Columbia 382
Alberta 314
Nova Scotia 73
Saskatchewan 57
Manitoba 50
New Brunswick 37
Newfoundland and Labrador 14
Yukon 7
Prince Edward Island 6
Northwest Territories 5
Nunavut 3
Provided 382 disclosures to municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement in British Columbia in 2021–22:
  • 890 individuals, more than 30,000 transaction reports
  • Approximate value in the transactions: $2.88 billion
Contributed to 335 major investigations throughout Canada in 2021–22 and many hundreds of individual investigations across the country

Provided more than 24,000 financial intelligence disclosures to Canada's law enforcement and national security agencies since 2001

Received 2,168 voluntary information records from Canada's law enforcement and national security agencies

97% of the feedback that FINTRAC received last year from disclosure recipients indicated that its financial intelligence was both valuable and actionable

Public-private Partnerships

Produced 757 financial intelligence disclosures related to Canada's public-private partnerships created to combat:

  • human trafficking for sexual exploitation
  • online child sexual exploitation
  • trafficking of illicit fentanyl
  • romance fraud
  • money laundering in British Columbia and across Canada

Project Southam

The OPP recognized FINTRAC's contribution to Project Southam:

  • Where organized crime groups allegedly imported high volumes of cocaine and committed other criminal activities
  • 22 people charged with 139 offences
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